Play It Again, Sam

November 26, 2008

In all the empty places
inside me the words
rang, solid
filling in between
stretches of longing,
of hours
waiting. This time I cannot
mute the tremors
as they shatter
every tenuous chord
linking my self-worth
to the fingers that used to
strum my soul
with the songs of angels.
I close my eyes, tuning out
inner wails long enough
to compose the harmony
that will make the replay
more gut-wrenching
like two hands
on either side of my head
as they slam against my ears:

Now, every syllable is seared,
captured perfectly into
notes of violent sadness
I have felt myself become.
So, for the last time:
“Play it again, Sam.
There is no going back
from where you’re headed”.

blue rogue